Friday, June 20, 2014

Wandering The Desert - OOTD

I got this shirt when I was on a vacation last month. Which is a little ironic because I don't drink haha
But nevertheless, I really like it! I like how it's fluffy and pretty long and loose. I am wearing a top under it and I paired it with my favorite jeans shorts. We were heading to have lunch at my mom's house and she lives close to dunes, so we thought it would be nice to shoot some OOTD pics there :) I wore my beloved-and-always-comfortable-and-good-looking-that-suit-practicly-any-outfit Converse sneakers.
Hope ya like! :D

I am listing the things I am wearing (or simillar) at the bottom of this post, with liks to places on the web where you can find them!

Nails: Essie - Russian Roulette

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OOTD: Black, Gold And Denim

So I have a confession to make.
I never loved gold. Ever. I always wore only silver jewelry and silver details on my clothes and accessories. The very first time I've had to wear gold was when we were searching for our wedding rings. We went with Alex's aunt, and she said a wedding ring has to have gold in it. So to make me feel better about it, we got me a 3 color gold ring. (yellow, white and rose gold, combined.), She also said that "You never know. You might wake up one day and start loving gold, and then be bummed about your silver wedding ring... She was right.
The day is here. I just started loving gold. Out of the blue.
I don't know..
I love how it looks on tan skin, it looks expensive, and I like the combination of gold with black. So the other day I went to purchase a new, everyday, bag for myself, and I stumbled upon this very cute one at Aldo. I was a little hesitated about it at first, but now I fall deeper and deeper in love with it :)) It's black (to match everything) with golden details in it.
Also, it was my birthday last week (yay! :D) and Alex got me these 2 gold bracelets... love them!
I had to put together a classic outfit with my new golden details, black and a little denim accent :) And this is what I came up with! Hope you like it! :)
At the bottom of this post you can find pictures of the stuff I am wearing, with links to the places on the web where I got them!
Have a great week loves!!! :D

Nails: Orly - Mysterious Curse

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