Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Colored Mascara How-To (2 Different Ways)

I really like colored mascara's! They are super fun! Especially for those summer days where you want to apply as little makeup as possible but you don't want it to be too "boring" or too "neutral".
But one problem I have with those, is that I use them too rarely, and so they dry out before I even get half way through the container :\
Sooo.. What wouldn't you just CREATE YOUR OWN! :D For one time only! And use any color you want every time?!
I have seen so many creative ways to create your own colored mascara or adding color to your lashes. Today I am going to show you two methods of my own :)
Hope you enjoy and try it out! (btw, if you do - add #makeupandartfreak to the photos of your look on Instagram! I would LOVE to see it!) :)

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