Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First OOTD In A Long, Long Time.. (Forever 21 Maxi)

Wheeeeen was the last time I have uploaded an OOTD post?.. I dunno... A LONG time ago..
But now that I have my NEW CAMERA *_* I WILL upload OOTD's a LOT more often! I will!
So this was the first time me and Alex have decided to go test drive ma new baby (Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D, in case you were wondering..) and it was my favorite time of the day, right before sunset.. Aaahhh.. The very beginning of summer.. the beach.. twilight.. LOVE! I wore my fairly new maxi dress I got from Forever 21, for the first time. It's kind of half-maxi, because the long part of it is a see-through fabric that lays on top of a shorter skirt. I liked the combination of the colors (grey and coraly-pink), and it is SO easy-breezy and so comfortable! I also like the tank-style top of it, because it gives you the opportunity to wear it anywhere, really. You can wear it plain, as it is, with a pair of color-block neon jelly sandals, like I did, and it looks so simple and cute, to go to the beach, just like that. But because it's plain, you can easily pair it with cute heels or wedges, a little jewelry, and go for a summer dinner, too, and look elegant enough!
They've had it in a few more colors too.

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