Sunday, January 12, 2014

Galaxy/Space Nail Art Tutorial! (Highly Requested!)

Hey guys! Welcome back to my new blog :)
Remember my video on 5 Different Ways To Wear Eyeliner Plus Tips And Tricks on how to apply it? (Click here to see it).
In that video I wore a galaxy style nails art on my nails, and a lot of you guys have requested a tutorial on it! So... FINALLY! I did it! :)
It's very easy to create it. A lot easier than it looks. And you don't have to use the same colors I have used. Any color that will remind you of the space will do! 
All you need to create it is: a dark background color as a base (black, dark blue, deep purple..), several additional colors to create the galaxies, a white (or other light) color nail polish for the stars, a sparkly top coat (optional), a toothpick and a sponge. 
Check out the vide tutorial below for step by step instructions!

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