Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rose Wholesale Products Review

Remember I did a giveaway with on my older blog? I have told you that they are going to send me some stuff too, and that I will review them and let you know what I thought about the shipping and everything once I get them. So... They're here!!! :D

So I got a bag/purse and a watch. The bag retails for $9.35, and the watch is $4.26. Yes you've read right. These are the prices at RoseWholesale!
So first of all, I want you to understand that although they have sent me these products to review, I wasn't told WHAT to say in the review or anything. This post contains only my genuine thoughts!
So with that said..
I can honestly say that the only thing I was pretty dissapointed with was the shipping time. I got a tracking number from them and a link to a general tracking site with no exact instructions as to how I can find it. The site had multiple shipping companies and I wasn't told what is the company that my items were shipped with, and after I have asked them, they just sent me the same link again. Don't understand me wrong, the girl from RoseWholesale that was talking with me by email was so very nice! It's just this thing. I had to look it up on the internet and I have found a forum where somebody gave a direct link, where you put your tracking number in the actual URL to find it.
I have received the items 4 weeks after they have told me the tracking number. (I have ordered something from ebay about a week after they have told me the tracking number, and received the item from ebay a week before the items from RoseWholesale arrived..)
BUT, I guess it was worth the waiting :) For a price like this? the items are definitely above my expectations! I have read a lot about scam sites that the items look completely different when they arrive, from what they look like in the pictures on the site. And this is not the case with
The watch looks very well made (definitely not less than $5!)

The watch came with a battery inside already, which was pretty unexpected (in a good way). It has a rubber strap, and the holes on the strap, for the buckle tongue, are actually sealed to begin with. You need to pull the buckle tounge through one of them, according to the size you need, to open it. Which I find really cool for some reason :) never seent his before in a watch. lol.


It comes in 8 different colors that you can choose from. I have chose the black one, because for me, it looks very classy and elegant. Love it!

The purse also looks very well made and expensive. The bottom is actually a bit more narrow than how it looks like in the picture below, I guess it's the angle of the photo..

I really like the whole kitty theme of it ^_^ The details on this bag really make it look and feel very well made and special.


It has a medium length handle, so you can hold in in your hand, hang in on your arm or on the shoulder. It has a pocket on the outside with a kitty charm. The inside part is very big with no dividers and I like it a lot! It also has a big zipper all across the inner part, with a kitty charm on it as well. I find it very comfortable and safe that it has it, because a lot of bags don't have a zipper in the big part.
On the inside, it has two small pockets for your cellphone etc. and one more little zipped pocket.

It also came with a longer strap inside, that you can attach to the sides of the bag.

Overall, I find it very comfortable, well made, beautiful, and detailed.
The bottom line is that this is that both of these items are pretty amazing for their price! RoseWholesale also has lots of items with free shipping on their site, which is so great! I think it's a great place to get some great stuff for a great value or even buy some great gifts and save yourself some money!

Thank you so much, RoseWholesale, for these amazing items! <3


  1. Watches, watches all around :D


  2. I always get nervous about buying from sites with such good prices because you can never be too sure of the quality of the items, glad that they turned out nice and that you like them though!

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